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Bold & Aromatic Thai Cuisine

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Jude's Thai

Jude's newest concept is born from nostalgic memories of the bustling Thai Temple Markets in Bangkok, offering a menu that is simple, fun, and bursting with flavours. With a passion for food instilled in him from a young age, Jude learned the art of cooking from his Grandmother's homemade meals and recreating his favourite dishes from his school days.

Drawing inspiration from the vibrant market scene, Jude's Thai is an embodiment of his love for eating and fond memories of enjoying 'Fare Food'. Each dish is a sensory delight, with layers of unique aromas, textures, and flavours that leave an unforgettable experience. Our thoughtfully crafted menu caters to diverse palates and recreates the authentic essence of a bustling market, featuring fragrant curries, delicious noodles and aromatic rice dishes.

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