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Malaysian Masters

Gopal’s Corner by Roti King delivers authentic Malaysian Tamil Cuisine. The restaurant brings you a slice of the Malaysian Tamil culinary culture - exemplified in our menu of delectable dishes including the banana leaf rice meal, the crispy rice pancakes called dosas, noodles, spicy curries, and the famous flaky and buttery flatbreads called roti canai.

The fact that these dishes are made right before your eyes makes it a treat for all your senses!

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You'll be Back

Chef Sugen, the founder of Roti King considers the restaurant a homage to Gopal’s Corner, a restaurant opened by his parents in Ipoh, Malaysia about half a century ago!

Gopal’s presents any food aficionado with multiple reasons to visit, more than just once! The delicious dishes that reflect Malaysia in every morsel, the made-to-order freshness in everything they serve... and above everything, being uncompromising on the recipes that have stood the test of time - all these make Gopal’s Corner the centre of attraction for anyone who craves a wholesome meal!