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Filipino BBQ Skewers

APOY, meaning fire in Tagalog (The Filipino national language) is a Filipino bbq concept by chef Budgie Montoya.

Budgie has been championing Filipino cuisine in London for over 5 years through successful pop ups and residencies with his flagship Sarap brand and most recently showcasing Filipino flavours on our television screens representing London & South East on BBC2’s Great British Menu.

Apoy's offer is simple; bringing authentic Filipino bbq and street food classics combined with the best of British prodce. Filipino cuisine is a vibrant and flavoursome fusion of influences from across East and SE Asian, Spanish, Mexican and American cultures. A truly delightful blend of sweet, sour and savoury flavours, with just a hint of spice. The rich tapestry of influences makes it exciting to the uninitiated and comfortingly familiar to most.

APOY’s offer is simple; perfectly cooked skewers that cater for the meat, fish and vegetable lovers, served atop fluffy and aromatic rice, a choice of dipping sauce and some pickles to help cut through all the delicious flavours. Coupled with a small but exciting menu of additional snack options, did somebody say fried chicken skins?

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